DIN EN ISO 9001 / 2008 certified
2K2-PUR foaming process
2K2 floor mats mass - PUR-RIM / spring - PUR flex foam Protoplast-Engineering continuously develops new technologies for PUR-processing. This has been resulting in the 2K2-process for manufacturing floor mats for vehicle cabins. The major advantage here is – similar to the modern 2K-injection molding - that two different materials merging in a single tool into one product. This patent pending process is very successfully used by Protoplast-Engineering for serial production since years. Features:  • Outstanding elongation of break • Optimal resistant to abrasion • Chemically resistant • Neat surface finish • Protected against water absorption • VOC and FOG numbers to highest standards • Optimal sound absorption thru „mass – spring system“ • Customized surface coloring and texturing